Fight Like a Soldier: Donation to the Kot family


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You may add as many bracelets to your order as you’d like. Each is a $1 donation. If you’d like to make a donation without receiving additional bracelets, just make a note in the checkout process. You may also make a donation to the Kot family through GoFundMe. Thanks so much for your support!

A friend of my husband recently had an incident that left him in a terrible medical situation. The platoon has been rallying support to raise funds for him and his family during this time of need. I wanted to extend the opportunity to help this soldier to my wonderful customers. I’ve got a box full of bracelets for Alex Kot, and throughout the month of March (or until they are gone!), everyone who places an order with me will receive one of these bracelets and $1 of your order will be donated to the Kot family.

You will automatically receive one of these bracelets in your order this month. If you’d like to show further support for SGT Kot, you are welcome to add more bracelets ($1 each) or a donation of any amount to your order. 100% of your donations will go directly to the Kot family. Nothing–not even processing fees–will be deducted.

SGT Alex Kot’s story:
“On January 15th , a roommate found SGT Alex Kot unresponsive in his barracks room due to a
severe cerebral hemorrhage. He was quickly admitted to Winn Army Hospital, and from there, Alex was life-flighted to Baptist Hospital in Jacksonville where he could receive the proper care. He underwent emergency, life-saving surgery to stop the cerebral hemorrhaging and treat the brain swelling to prevent permanent damage. Coming out of the operating room, Alex completely lost any mobility and functionality of his right side and suffered a speech deficit; however, thanks to great care at Baptist hospital and Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital and Alex’s unwavering, persistent and determined spirit, he has made significant progress in recovering from his tragic injury. So far, Alex has fully recovered his speech and his ability to walk is not lagging far behind. He has taken a few steps unassisted and is determined to keep at it. We continue to pray for his full recovery and are thankful for his progress so far.

In order to assist Alex and give the best support possible, we are trying to raise money through various channels: grants, scholarships for rehabilitation, and fundraising. With our fundraising, we hope to alleviate travel costs of for his family, food costs, and some rehabilitation/equipment costs. Alex is a phenomenal Soldier, mentor and teammate. He has a positive influence on everyone around him and is sorely missed at the Company. At his promotion to Sergeant (E-5), Alex’s chain of command said it best, “If you’re a young Soldier looking for an example to emulate, Be like Kot.” We are trying our best to support Alex in his recovery because if it were anyone else in his situation, Alex would find a way to do the same for them but three-fold.”

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