The Perfect Spring Wrap Dress: Paisley Raye Petunia Wrap


It's the first week of Spring, and if you know me at all, you know I'm literally thrilled about it! Things I love about spring: warm weather, sunshine, cool breezes, and, oh yeah, dresses. Like, for example, the Paisley Raye Petunia dress. This beautiful knit wrap dress is literally the perfect spring dress. It's breezy and cool--but also provides enough coverage to stay comfortable when the weather changes its mood at the drop of a hat!

5 Things I Love about the Paisley Raye Petunia Dress

  1. It's a true wrap dress. This dress isn't a cheesy faux fashion. The Petunia wrap is a true wrap, which means it can be adjusted to fit just how you like it.
  2. The fabrics are just yummy. The Petunia wrap comes in a heavyweight rayon/span blend and super soft double brushed DTY. Both fabrics are fabulously soft and offer full coverage without being too warm. The Petunia is also offered in a delicious crushed velvet fabric for the cooler months.
  3. It doubles as a duster. With a little tying magic, this dress transforms seamlessly into a stylish layering piece. It's literally two wardrobe pieces for the price of one!
  4. Pockets are a must. As a busy mom with a neverending train of brain thoughts, I'm pretty much always forgetting something... and it's usually my phone or debit card because I'm out of hands. Cue hidden side pockets--or as I like to call them, Hand 2 and Hand 3. 
  5. Attention to detail is key. The width of the sash, the cut of the neckline, the shoulder detail, the drape of the fabric--all of these little things are details that Christi, our designer, has perfected.
Paisley Raye Petunia Wrap Dress
Paisley Raye Petunia Wrap Dress

Petunia Wrap Dress Sizing Tips

You can size up one for extra room in the bust or arms. The Petunia is a stretchy knit that can be wrapped tighter or looser according to your preference, so you can size up or down one if you find a print you love, keeping in mind the fit in the arm area. For more sizing and styling tips, join the Southern Sartorial Facebook group!

Paisley Raye Petunia Wrap Dress as a duster
Paisley Raye Petunia Wrap Dress as a duster