"The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud."

--Coco Chanel

I’m Emily Caldwell, the owner of Southern Sartorial, a Paisley Raye boutique. I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, obsessed with all things editorial. I poured over fashion magazines, cutting out Marc Jacobs ads and Coco Chanel quotes and pasting them in my art journal. I didn’t know what my place in the fashion world would be, but I knew I was drawn to it, and I’d somehow find myself there.

Life took me on an interesting path: some art education, business school, military spouse life, design jobs, motherhood, and it landed me here–right where I need to be, right now.


Why a Paisley Raye boutique?


The entrepreneurial spirit is important to me and my family. Ever since my husband and I had the “ah-ha!” moment of realizing we could support our family through our own business ventures, it’s been game on. I knew that growing my business now–with 3 babies under 5!–would be a challenge. But to me, it’s important to teach my children about working hard so you can live the life you design. My babies watch me do the really fun rewarding stuff–tearing into inventory boxes, hosting team trainings, and crushing goals. They also see me do the hard things–wake up exhausted, stare at a daunting to-do list, and get it done anyway. My hope is that they’ll see me work for my dreams, and someday, they’ll do it for themselves, too.

So, why direct sales boutique ownership? I love helping other women find confidence through style, but my job is so much more than that. My goal with Paisley Raye by Southern Sartorial is to build a community on common ground. Through that community, my mission is to help women and non men on difficult paths overcome self doubt so they can discover their individual strength and potential to change their own lives. I love watching my customers find a confidence boost through the perfect outfit, and I also love watching my teammates build their own freedom through their businesses.

I hope you’ll find your tribe here with me, and in the process find the confidence to rock your style! Southern Sartorial now features Paisley Raye apparel, a beautiful USA-made line that has a standard of quality worthy of the amazing people who shop with me. Learn more about Paisley Raye here.


Individuality. Kindness. Empowerment. Positivity. Creativity. Freedom.